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Banksy raffle for half marathon donations

* I tried to put this in the social section but couldn't work out how to do it. 

On November 7th I'm attempting to run a half marathon. On sunday I ran 10km for a local hospice so I have 10 weeks to train and double the distance. I'm running on behalf of 'Autism initiatives' and would like to raffle this Banksy key chain, from The Walled Off Hotel..for donations.

The winning number will be picked by the national lottery bonus ball, the weekend after all numbers have been taken. There are 59 places and each number is £10.... numbers are allocated in the order of which the donations are made/promised. The key chain usually sells on ebay for around £250. I started this on fb yesterday and there are currently 17 spaces available.

If anyone has questions please get in touch x 


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