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Parking near the Oval

Got tickets for The hundred on Sunday Didn't realise it was a late one so looking to drive up so I haven't got to get on the train/ tube on the way home. + It's Sunday so probably lots of engineering.
Dont mind a short tube journey tbh.
Any suggestions?


  • Nightmare parking round there. Go by train!
  • depending where you live, park up at a tube station a bit outta town and 'tube in' .. parking near the Oval is next to impossible

    Looks like most areas are only controlled Mon-Fri. Not sure how much free space there will be close to the Oval, I live in Clapham and usually plenty of parking spaces in the residential streets so could be worth driving around here and jumping on the Northern line for a few stops.
  • Parking at the Oval isn’t too bad. Can get busy. Nice Chippy …
  • I wouldnt bother mate. go and see some real cricket.

    Free parking in Streatham. Plenty around Streatham Hill station - try Drewstead road. Not far from the south circular either so not too bad a route. Then its a 10-15 min bus to the oval. 159 is the best option and runs every couple of mins but the 59 and a bunch of other options get you there. Get off by St. Michaels church.

    Its the quickest way out the ground as well. Nip out the entrance by the pavilion cross the road cut through st michaels churchyard and on the bus before the majority of the crowd make it that far so you get a seat on the bus.
  • _MrDick said:
    Parking at the Oval isn’t too bad. Can get busy. Nice Chippy …
    The Hangar and Banana Garden are good too .
  • Be careful you dont end up driving into the LTN around by the oval. Easy £60 for the council.
  • Theres a usually a spot or two free down the opposite end to the co op.
  • Just stick a sponsors logo on the side of your car, and select a lesser player, then you'll be able to use the players' car park

    "Canterbury Toyota, proud sponsors of Jordan Cox"
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