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For some reason today I am getting email messages saying someone has commented on this post, I am at work at it is clogging up my poxy emails, I have no interest in that thread whatsoever, can admin please sort this out or can someone tell me how to stop email notifications. :#:#


  • click on the little yellow star in the top right hand corner of the thread.

    When it goes white you should stop getting the messages.
  • Gonna spam it to wind you up 
  • Don't be a git @shine166. Sorry @northstandsteve I've only just seen your DM and this. As @Henry Irving says, you've probably hit the yellow star to favourite the thread, so you're now getting notifications about it. Clicking on the yellow star should unhighlight it and stop the emails coming through, but you'll get a repeat of the problem if you accidentally do it again. You need to follow the instructions on this thread so you're only getting emailed if people DM you or write on your wall (as they sometimes accidentally do that when they meant to DM you):
    It's up to you whether you'd prefer emails or pop-up notifications if people @ your username, as that may be useful given your Marketplace listings.
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