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Dusty Hill - ZZ Top RIP


  • Sad news. A true icon in many ways. RIP.
  • RIP Dusty..
  • Ever since Donington in 84 I have had periods of going back to ZZ, superb live band although I much preferred the pre 80's blues they played, I'll miss that beard and the cars, great memories and wonderful tunes RIP.
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  • RIP
  • Last band I saw before leaving for Thailand. Very good gig with an eight year old kid in front of me who knew every word to every song and lapped it up! RIP Dusty.
  • Been a huge fan of ZZ Top since the age of 12, my stepdad took me to Monsters of Rock when they were headliners. Really saddened by this news.

    RIP Dusty.
  • RIP Dusty.

    Another great three man rock band losing a great artist.
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  • That is the end of ZZT, though Billy Gibbons seems to have 'gone solo' a while ago .. Dusty was a bit of a one off, a terrific vocalist and for some, a bit of a style icon .. R I P
  • Love ZZT, RIP Dusty 
  • Yes. I’m a ZZT fan. A very distinct sound. RIP. 
  • bringing all the bottom to The Top for more than 50 years
  • RIP. The documentary on Netflix about ZZT is worth a watch to those that haven’t seen it.
  • RIP Dusty….big ZZ Top fan and sad news
  • RIP, another band I’ll regret never seeing live 
  • Saw them in Tampa with Jeff Beck a couple of years back.  I took this photo of Dusty Hill (apologies for the ropey quality).  Only he could carry off playing a bass like this!

  • Big fan, first saw them in the mid 80s. I believe they held the record for the group that’s stayed together the longest, with no personnel changes.
    RIP Dusty.
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