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Guest Coaching - Medway

Bit of a random one this.

I've just started coaching a girls team who will be joining the U10 Kent league in September. We've had maybe 4/5 sessions so far and 1 friendly.

My coaching experience is non existent, although I think at this level I have a good idea of the basics.

What I was wondering though was if anyone knew someone who might be willing to give an hour on a Thursday evening, or on a Saturday morning, to run a training session both to help me but also for the girls. Happy to pay a reasonable amount for their time.

I know people have contacts at the club and didn't know whether this might be something a female player might be interested in doing or anyone else with something to offer? Maybe a stupid idea. I really would rather get someone from Charlton before we have to approach Gillingham! 

Appreciate any thoughts



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