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Fencing person needed urgently

Morning. I had a bunch of overgrown bushes cut back at the end of my garden at the weekend. First time in the 13 years I've had the house. Unfortunately they did such a good job that the back of my actual garden is now exposed to the road behind and even though it's a 6ft drop there's a real risk my dog could escape.

Is there anyone who could come and supply and fit maybe 6 panels, and probably posts etc asap this week?  I guess with a job like this it doesn't need to be someone who does this every day, and maybe something someone who is generally useful at DIY jobs could manage (that's not me on either front)

I'm based in Medway (ME2)

I'll leave this here for a few hours before I go exploring elsewhere as I'd rather give the money to a Charlton fan. 


  • You'll be lucky. Construction Industry has seen the largest orders since the 1990s.

    Building materials are currently as scarce as rocking horse shit and I've had 40m of fencing , posts, cement and a skip on order for three months.

    Timber prices - particularly fencing - have gone up between 25-40% and trying to get hold of reliable tradesmen is a nightmare.
  • Don't know if you found someone, not sure if you were looking for a recommendation, but may be of use to someone sooner or later - mum-cat had some work done by these people (welling based, but website says they cover the south east and greater london) and was quite impressed.
  • No I didn't. I bought some chicken wire to create a temporary safety for the dog so he can't get out, but will have a look at these guys thanks.
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