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Charlton vs Bristol Rovers Report and Photos


Apologies for starting a new thread for a match that I'm sure you've all seen/read plenty of reports on.  

I was invited to attend as a photographer yesterday, and I tend to blog when I go to matches (I did one for your FA Cup match against Truro City a few years ago, and a recent U23s match against Colchester as well).  I've put together this report and hoped it might be of interest to a few.

Match Report

I'm hoping to get in a few more Charlton matches at various levels - I have to say, it's one of the most welcoming clubs I've ever done work for.

All the best for the season,



  • One small detail old wasn’t Aneke that headed the ball on for Washington to score, had he have done so Washington would have been two or three yards offside.
    It was a Rovers defender who headed it into his path.....I think it was a player called Day?
    Nice work though, thanks and good luck to you.
  • @GRTourist
    Also, I don't think the Brizzle 'keeper saw red for being the last man, I think it was the illegality of the 'tackle' that did for him.
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