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Indigo o2 - nightclub

Does anyone know if there is a nightclub at the Indigo at the o2?
Someone told me there is, if so has onyone been, is it crap, and can you just turn up? Or should i just stick to the legendary big V


  • There is talk of the likes of Fabric using Indigo2 for club nights, but nothing has been put on yet
  • Big V surely has to be the way forward.
  • i thought there was a nightclub opening up called urban inc? its listed on the site?
  • Urban Inc is on the entertainment avenue, but did it get a 3am license like they wanted?
  • Urban inc is the same people as Inc bar in greenwich on the one way.
  • big v is where its at and where i'm heading this friday night, whoo hoooo!

    looking forward to a club if they do open one at the dome, hopefully not too cheesy tho!
  • Indigo's the "small" venue at the Dome, no regular clubs there but it's been used for Timbaland's Justin Timberlake aftershows, and Prince is doing aftershows there. Re-mortgage your home if you're planning to use the bar there (or sell relatives).

    Urban Inc is the latest addition to Frank the bleedin' Yank's empire - here's a nice bitchy review of the place.
  • lol!!!

    "This space station venue is filled with the sort of people who like nights out at Tiger Tiger, shopping on Oxford Street, and think that a decent family getaway involves the words ‘Alton’ and ‘Towers’."

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