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Are there longer term impacts to our current demise ?

Thomas, has obviously made quite a large financial commitment to the club, and has stated his long term ambitions for the future. He took the club over, knowing it was in dire straights both on and off the park.  Whilst, we can all see the improvements off the pitch, on the playing side if anything we are still declining. 

The Covid situation has impacted our game like nothing ever before, has this made us hungry to get back to the Valley, or has it meant people are losing that football habit, and may not return. We have had some massive fall outs between fans on the forums, the like of which iv never seen before. Watching the current footballing offering is hardly make me desperate to get back to the Valley. I am cheesed off paying £10 to watch this rubbish in the comfort of my own home. Do I want to pay £30 to take out most of my day to watch it.... ?

The current on field position, is in my view now undermining Thomas’s plans, and even if only temporary threatening his ambitions for the club. His plan to be in the Premiership in 5 years was widely published.  I’m sure his plans did not include needing a total team rebuild at the end of this season, just to have another go at getting out of league 1. 

If we limp into mid table for the rest of this season and keep Bowyer and the contracted players in this squad, will fans flock to the Valley next season, or carry on staying at home on a Saturday afternoon. 

An I don’t need those who will say, I will have a season ticket no matter what is served up and no matter by whom.  You are a given, but this club needs more than the few thousand like this to move forward. Thomas said he looked forward to a packed Valley banging out “Valley FloydRoad”, in my view we are moving in the wrong direction to seeing that day any time soon.


  • Think it depends on what happens in summer. 

    If there is an overhaul of players, which the lack of cap now allows, and potentially removal of bowyer - then it’ll be a more positive reflection in the ground. 
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