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The Cure live in Hyde Park 2018 tonight 20th Feb 9pm Sky Arts

Honouring their 40 years together,


  • Starting at 9pm, finishing at 2am then if anything like The Cure gigs I’ve been to. 
    They certainly do a long gig! 
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    *Damn, 24 hours late.
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    *Damn, 24 hours late.
    Repeated Friday night/Saturday morning 27th February 2am-4am.

    I saw them most recently in 2017 (I think), they were superb.
    I didn't get tickets for 2018 as it clashed with the World Cup.
    I've been a fan from the start with Killing an Arab, Boys Don't Cry and their first UK hit A Forest.
    I've seen them many times over the years.

    I just watched this 2018 gig, thought it was disappointing if I'm honest I've seen them better, but then it depends on what songs they play/you prefer.
  • It's on youtube 

    Love the Cure Robert Smiths voice just hasn't changed as he's got older. Brilliant band
  • Just started to watch this, sound quality isn't great & I didn't realise it's someone in the crowd filming it. Watch the official version.
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