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Garden Pizza Oven

so it's Mrs Sarge's birthday in a few weeks and she's mentioned getting a pizza oven for the garden (probably replace my rubbish BBQ skills) - Anyone got any advice on a good pizza oven?


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    edited February 2021
    Wood burning pizza oven? When I lived in Cambodia we built one at the restaurant I was working at. Wasn't too bad, nice little project to do if you fancied getting your hands dirty.
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    I use the Ooni Frya Pizza Oven. 

    It’s really simple to use and makes some great wood fire pizza in just a few minutes. 
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    Built a wood burning one when I was working with a brickie in school holidays years ago. Plan on building one as soon as I get my first house. Just cant beat that wood burnt taste.
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    Friend of mine has a Fuego brick built pizza oven. Gets through a lot of wood but the pizzas and bread are stunning.

    They deliver them ready built.
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    Got a gas BBQ during the first lockdown, I felt odd doing it, but it makes great pizzas with the pizza stone attachment.
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    Got one of these.
    Very easy to use.
    On the gas BBQ for 45 - 60 mins, so it’s really really hot.
    Then each pizza takes 5-6 mins to cook.

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