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Cover to Cover

Yes folks the moment you've all been waiting for and eagerly anticipating and I have a horrible feeling it's already been done but possibly not the same artists.

Yes, here it is the big anti climax. 'Cry Me A River'  from yours truly, your ol' mucker Sillav.

Two very different renditions and very different eras and styles. I'm normally a stickler for the original artists but ............. Shame no decent versions of Joe from the original 'Mad Dogs and Englishmen' tour with Leon Russell all seem to be out of sync!
Julie London

Joe Cocker


  • Delighted to see some jazz in one of these, isn't that right HI! :wink:

    The original for me, all day long.

    NB Mods can we put the song title in the thread title please!
  • I'm not a massive fan of either version but i guess Julie London wins it for me. though i do like the upbeat tempo of Joes rendition but yeah, Julie London. 
  • Julie London all day long for me.
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    Julie London wins this one.

    Original is a great lounge/blues tune but messed about (jazzed up/too fast) in the cover.  It's even got a bloody guitar solo, no no no.
  • Julie London by a distance.
  • Unusual as it is for me to like a cover better than the original but in this instance I do.

    Being a fan of Joe, I like the fact he's taken it out of the lounge and into the arena and given it a much bigger sound. I certainly think the song can take it and Joe is one of the few artists who can take an original and make it better.

    Joe, hands down for me. 
  • Like comparing apples and oranges. The same song but totally different styles. I like them both but for different reasons.
  • My uncle says that Rolf Harris's version of Stairway to Heaven is better than the original. 
  • Joe Cocker.
  • Big fan of Joe Cocker but never liked this "James Bond" theme boogie-woogie type cover of the song so it's a vote for the original Julie London version for me.
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  • Chunes said:
    My uncle says that Rolf Harris's version of Stairway to Heaven is better than the original. 
    That's cause he had two little boys ( not your uncle)
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