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My old website problems

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Hi. Looking for some help with my old website that i had made over 10 years ago . Rubbish site that i forgot about until today when i received a warning letter from checkatrade that i cant advertise i'm a member. I was for 8 sodding years.anyway they want it removed but i dont know how to. I dont even know who made the site. I just forgot about it as i no longer trade. If anybody knows of a way to shut the site down then please help me out. Im happy to pay. Im happy to post the site name in public view as i got nothing to hide.
Thanks ken


  • I assume you don’t have a log in for the site? 

    Do you know who hosts it? If you post up the link I’ll find out.
  • Thanks Rob.
    I have no access plus im not great with computers.
  • Hosted by
    you will need to contact them or the person that built the site to get login details to be able to update the site to remove the logo or whole site.

    nominet hold the registration of all sites and might also be able to help
  • Thank very much
  • The website hosting is still being paid so do you pay heartinternet or do you still pay the person/company that set up the site for you. 

    Maybe check back via your bank statement /accounts.

    it depends if the domain name ie website address had been registered to you or the person/company that set up the site as to if heartinternet will give you any information due to data protection. 

    You might have to claim ownership of the  domain name first from nominet / heartinternet 

    if you can find login details for the website then it should be easy to remove the logo 
  • Thats the mad thing i dont pay anything.  Im trying to think back years ago i may have paid a one off fee for a site and was so dissapointed with it i just forgot about it. I will call heartinternet tomorrow. Thanks again. Oh the letter i got was from kent trading standards 🙄
  • Someone renewed it on 11th December 2020.

    Judging by the server it's hosted on, it's hosted by GoDaddy though, but that might be who Heart use. 

    As above, you'll need to contact Heart. If you can get the login I can sort it for you.
  • The hosting fees are about £3.99 per month.

    you might have to give heart prove that you own the company so if limited company you incorporated certificate or otherwise something legal like the trading standards letter.

    if you do manage to get them to accept you own the website domain then ask them to take down site. If they just give you login details I can help you remove webpage or alter it.

    if they won’t help them maybe get in touch with Kent trading standards and they might be able to get them to remove site for you. Normally they are quite helpful 
  • Thanks very very much
  • Bloody hell @Gasman you’re having a bit of a shite time right now. I hope you can sort this out and your boss is being more reasonable now. 
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  • Glad you got it sorted.
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