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MLS 2021



  • MarcusH26 said:
    Locals seem happy...

  • David Beckham's Inter Miami have been fined a record $2m (£1.4m) for breaking Major League Soccer (MLS) rules.

    An investigation was launched last year over the signing of France midfielder Blaise Matuidi from Juventus in 2020.

    The MLS ruled last month that Inter Miami had breached regulations and announced its punishment on Friday.

    The MLS said Matuidi had been paid more than was allowed, effectively giving the team four "designated players" last season rather than the permitted three.

  • How poor are Inter Miami. Bottom of the MLS with just 8 points from 11 games, they are 4-0 down at half time at home to New England.  Will Beckham sack his mate Phil Neville?
  • Must be loads of managers who would love a gig in Miami. How the hell did they end up with Phil Neville?
  • Must be loads of managers who would love a gig in Miami. How the hell did they end up with Phil Neville?
    David Beckham. 
  • Yeah I can't see the Neville experiment in Miami lasting much longer , although the whole team has been a shambles on and off the field. 
  • When Neville was hired saw loads of comments on twitter about jobs for mates.

    I said at the the time, what people dont realise is whilst thats all well and good, Beckham is only 1 person and when things go wrong, being friends with Beckham isnt gonna save Neville and no doubt it will be Beckham who has to sack him, which will be a horrible conversation to have with your friend lol
  • Former Man Utd defender Gabriel Heinze was appointed as the new manager of Atlanta, hopefully he can bring back the touch the last Argentinian had and it will be a good season for the 5 stripes
    This didnt last btw.

    He was sacked a few days ago, a number of off field issues as well as on field performances.

    Some of the off field stuff that have come out tho, limiting the amount of water player had in training to levels were the club doctor was forced to intervene, forcing players to have phones on 24/7 and be available whenever he needed them 🤣🤣
  • Was at Whitecaps Vs Sporting Kansas City tonight.

    Johnny Russell plays for KC and was the best player in the pitch. Scored a cracker.
  • Another unbelievable win for the Whitecaps last night away at Portland Timbers.

    2-0 down at HT, came back to win 2-3. Now sitting in the playoffs!
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  • MLS playoffs start tomorrow if of interest to anyone.

    Philadelphia Union vs New York Red Bulls (19.30 GMT)

    Sporting Kansas City vs Vancouver Whitecaps (22.00 GMT)
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