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Sandgaard almost deported


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    I enjoyed that. Not much about Charlton but we get a mention. It really shows how Thomas goes about what he does in the business world. Very methodical, persistent and he comes over as being a very caring leader who gets what he’s aiming for. An impressive interview which shows insights into who Thomas Sandgaard is. 
    Thanks for posting Henry. 
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    Thanks for the link, Henry. A great insight. The Gods' certainly smiled on us when Thomas took the reins of our club and, a year ago, who would have anticipated we would be taken over by such an accomplished and nice guy? Onward and upward with Thomas Sandgaard!
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    edited December 2020
    Well, what an interesting and in depth interview Henry, and i will say that a certain Jim White could do worse than learn from that interviewer about research and how to put together a show.
    Not much of a mention of us, and although the guy tried to trip Thomas up about "getting involved with a soccer club", he didn't bite and defended it well, and certainly wouldn't mine a job at Zynex on a minimum of $20 per hour :)
    Good ending to with the little riff of Led Zeppelin on the Gibson, good in depth podcast..
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    To be honest, I'd love to learn more about Sandgaard, most of what we read/hear is repeating what we've seen before. 

    Good different angle. 
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