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Song for Thomas

To the tune of We are Charlton, We are Charlton

Thomas Sangaarde, Thomas Sangaarde
Born in Denmark Now USA
Thomas Sangaarde, Charlton's saviour
Thomas Sangaarde, he's here today

Last word can change to "to stay" on repetition


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    Improve it then.  Man needs a song.
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    Thomas oh Thomas Sandgaard plays guitar for me (Obviously to the JJ runs down the wing for me tune : :D )
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    Give us a T...
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    There's only one sandgaard
    One sandgarrd 
    He fucked Farnell 
    He fucked ESI
    Walking in a Thomas wonderland 
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    edited December 2020
    To the tune of Mr Sandman.

    Mr Sangaard, build me a team, make it the best that we've ever seen. Forget about the range rovers, now that Charlton are rolling teams over... And repeat... 
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    A variation...

    Tommy Sangaard give us a team, make it the greatest we’ve ever seen 

    Thanks to you the nightmares over
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    edited December 2020
    Tom Sangaard
    Tom Sangaard
    Tom Sangaard
    Play a song for mee
    Lead us, to victory

    * sit down by James 

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    Ode to Thomas Chant

    Sung to the tune of Metallica’s Enter Sandman

    ESI was broken

    Because of Charlton’s might

    They lost the fight

    Future’s bright

    Take my hand 

    We’re off to Thomas Sandgaard land

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    To the tune let it be

    when we found ourself in times of trouble
    thomas sangaard came to me
    speaking words of wisdom

    and in our hour of darkness
    thomas stood in front of me
    speaking words of wisdom

    sangaad sangaad sangaad sangaad
    we’ve got a proper owner

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    To the tune of American Pie

    So Bye Bye Roland and ESI
    We are Charlton Athletic, we are Charlton till we die
    He rocked up at the Valley, he is our Desire,
    Singing Tommy is our Charlton Messiah, Tommy is our Charlton Messiah...

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