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Rock on Tommy

I believe TS will be at the game tomorrow

Despite the EFL
Despite the Mancs
Despite COVID
Despite Roland

TS is our Saviour of our Club
From him we have Hope and a Great future for our club

There will only be 2000 in the Ground - but please let's show our appreciation tomorrow to him Loud and Clear

Rock on Tommy


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    +1 - Be loud for him tomorrow. He has saved us.
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    Yep a new owner let’s see how it goes ? 
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    I remember many many years ago when reading up on Charlton when I first became a Charlton fan. Don't qoute me on this but I seem to remember when Charlton finished runners up in the old first division, they asked the Manager something on the lines of "can you guarantee Charlton would finish top or something and as the answer was No, they decided not invest a lot more money into the club. I felt reading that.... "we missed an opportunity to make this club a lot bigger than it was". It happened again in later years. When I first became a Charlton fan in mid 80's and thinking during that those 7yrs in exile we lost a whole generation of support. What I am seeing in Thomas is he is fresh, he sees a vision, an opportunity with the right investment, he could do something that we missed out all those years ago. The future is bright. Just sad that I can't get to a game for a long while yet. 
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Roland Out Forever!