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Taking the Knee

Supporters of both Millwall and Colchester were criticised at the weekend for booing the players when they “took the knee” prior to kick off.

Some elements of the media are even demanding punishment for any football fan that decides to boo. 

Clubs are now saying that CCTV will be checked to identify fans that boo. 

Although how you can identify fans booing when they are wearing a face mask is beyond me.

Troy Deeney at Watford is threatening to walk off the pitch if he is booed. So, Birmingham v Watford on Saturday should be interesting!

The media that are advocating punishment for football fans that boo is in my opinion missing the point. That is that every citizen in the land has the right to Freedom of Speech. Maybe the fans at Millwall & Colchester are racist. But remember they are not breaking any law. They are exercising their right to Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Expression. This law applies to all, and includes ideas that may be offensive to other sections of society.

Wait for this weekends football, it should be interesting!


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