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ITV News looking for Charlton fans to interview tomorrow.

ITV News are covering the ‘fans return’ story tomorrow, and are looking for a couple of Charlton fans attending the match to interview before they leave home. The interview would only take five to ten minutes. 
They’re ideally hoping for a family who live within walking distance of the Valley (but just one parent and child would do), who are real ‘home & away fans’ (their words).
They’d film the interview first, then film you leaving your house. They might then get shots of you going into the ground. 
If you fancy a shot at stardom, please send me a DM ;-) 


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    No takers as yet, so anyone within a few miles of the Valley would be fine?
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    Given it's a school night, this is going to be trickier than if it was a weekend I suspect.
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    I really hope our erstwhile non-league scout from Welling is available :)
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    Just found a volunteer on Twitter who is taking his daughter.👍👍
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