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'Out of Our League' - Bury FC featuring Charlton in Episode 6

This is a great 10 part podcast on BBC Sounds about Bury FC: the ownership, Gigg Lane, fan owned club consortium, raising funds etc etc.
One thing I like is that they often use the Bury situation as a springboard to look at other clubs including FC Utd of Man, Red Bull Salzburg, Portsmouth, Maidstone etc.
In Episode Six they refer to Charlton getting back to The Valley.


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    We're in episode 2 and briefly in 10 as well.

    Really good guys behind this - Sanny Rudravajahla, who gave up his job as a teacher to become a broadcaster and put his heart into AFC Bury, and Mark Crossley.
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    Yes, Mark Crossley: played in goal for Forest, didn't he?

    I failed to mention the references to AFC Wimbledon. What they have achieved is extraordinary.
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    He's not the footballer. 
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