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Government to host virtual summit on future of English football

The government is to host a landmark virtual summit on the future of English football on Tuesday, to discuss a number of issues facing the game.

The potential return of fans to grounds in England, the reform of governance and finances, equality and diversity, and the women's game will be discussed.

A group of leaders and stakeholders from across the sport have been invited to participate.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden will lead the talks.

They are designed to bring football's various authorities closer together after a period of tension.

The heads of the Football Association, Premier League, English Football League, National League, and Kick It Out have all been invited, along with leaders from the women's game and fans' representatives.


  • if the tories are involved then i'm not expecting much 
  • if the tories are involved then i'm not expecting much 
    What a stupid comment. 
  • if the tories are Rick Parry is involved then i'm not expecting much 

  • Very good to see that the FSA will be represented. 
  • On Tuesday, the government said it had held "constructive" talks with football leaders on the return of fans, along with issues such as governance reforms, financial sustainability, and greater diversity.

    Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, who hosted a 90-minute 'virtual future of football' summit, said: "I want to work together with football to make progress on important issues for the game's long-term future.

    "Discussions to continue as we start our fan-led review of governance."

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