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  • #PrayForBurnley
  • That’s Burnley £ucked then. 
  • Noooooo.
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    Cue Dave Jones appointed as assistant manager...good luck Burnley...,not right these cretins should be allowed anywhere near a football club...but here they go again...sad times for them I fear...😣
  • knowing a couple of Burnley fans I cant see them taking this without a fight
  • Fight them Burnley fans.
  • Doesn't make sense Kashashy was seen at the Valley, if they had money then why the EFL hold up for the takeover 
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  • £200 million

    Their squad must be worth a few quid.
     Few hundred properties on their ground

    £ 201 million

    Good business nous.
  • I quide liderally don't believe it.
  • Currently not on other news channels & that link was to the Mirror.  Not a done deal in any manner of speaking. 
  • An absolute disgrace if they are allowed to take over. I really do pray for Burnley football club and their fans 
  • I have just checked my calendar to make sure it isn't April 1st. Totally dumbstruck by this. I hope Burnley fans are ready for the fight, otherwise it will most certainly end in tears.
  • Unbelievable 
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    He keeps popping up like a bad smell.

    There is no way i can see them passing the fit and proper test although we are not talking the EFL this time. 

    It's about time Farnell got some high profile exposure for who and what he is and an attempt to take over a Premier League club might just do it. 

    If this actually happens , expect a fire sale at Burnley and relegation within 12 months. 
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  • For every clued up Burnley fan there'll be 10  celebrating like they've won the lottery. I really do feel for them.
  • That cnut will be the only one left with all the cockroaches when Armigedon comes...
  • Currently not on other news channels & that link was to the Mirror.  Not a done deal in any manner of speaking. 
    Yeah I wonder if Farnell is trying to use the press in a similar fashion to how Sandgaard used the SLP
  • Burnley: Clarets subject of £200m takeover bid by Mohamed El Kashashy & Chris Farnell

    Burnley are the subject of a £200m takeover bid from Egyptian businessman Mohamed El Kashashy and lawyer Chris Farnell.

    It had been thought American sports investment firm ALK Capital were in pole position to buy the Clarets.

    However, BBC Sport understands that Farnell and El Kashashy are in talks with major shareholders at the club.

    Farnell recently had a ban from owning a club in England overturned by the Football League.

    The Cheshire-based lawyer was handed a ban after issues arose during an attempt to buy Charlton earlier this year.

    Farnell subsequently appealed against the decision and the ban was withdrawn, although he did serve a a five-week disqualification period which ended on 14 September.

    He is now free to pursue his bid with El Kashashy, which it is believed will be about £200m.

    Farnell was previously involved in talks over the future of Bury and was briefly a director at Wigan.

    Burnley are regarded as one of the best-run clubs in the Premier League but chairman Mike Garlick's refusal to loosen the purse strings has led to a strained relationship with manager Sean Dyche, who has repeatedly called for his squad to be strengthened.

    His only signing this summer was Brighton midfielder Dale Stephens, while Joe Hart, Aaron Lennon and Jeff Hendrick were all released when their contracts expired in June.

    Burnley are currently third bottom of the Premier League, with one point from their opening five games.
  • Does anyone involved with our Dossiers have connections with any Mirror journalists or Burnley supporters groups, best to let them know ASAP. 
  • There fans will hang him
  • If the dossiers are for anything now is the time.
  • I would be shocked if it wasn't football being screwed over like this. Joke
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