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Caption Competition

Haven't done one of these in a while and I liked this picture, as ever most lols wins

picture credit @K_AndrewsPhotos on twitter 


  • Who farted?
  • Legs gone.
  • You're the striker on Saturday.
  • Yep; that seagull got you dead centre!
  • "I don't recognise most of your players now Jacko"
    "Neither do I"
  • Jacko, you've got that bottle the wrong way up!
  • Bowyer - wow Jacko , I can't believe you just went up to Thomas like that and told him his guitar playing was shit .
  • LB to JJ - "This has got to be the worst caption competition ever"
  • edited October 2020
    Bows: “Oi Jacko, when we signed him, Karl reckoned Marshy here was the best crosser of a ball in the division!”

    Jacko: (looking at Robinson) “You are full shite, aren’t you Robbo? I ain’t seen crossing this bad since your cat got run over!”  
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  • “It’d be funny if you scored a last minute winner after we’d had all the possession but not a single shot right?”
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