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Palace charlton on itv4 now from 1974

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On now or plus 1 


  • Yes! What a goal.
  • Lucky palace c***s
  • Great to see Cripps just laughing off a hefty shove
    rather than rolling around like a pansy.
  • Refreshing to watch tbf. One of the palce players threw the ball at cafc players chest and they just got on with it. 
    Taylor was rapid! Like tevez lol
  • How many booking would there have been if this was played under current regs? A fair few robust challenges going in. 
  • Brian Moore, muddy pitches, Hales & Flanagan, no shirt advertising... proper football
  • Proper pitches!
  • What a shirt from Malcolm Allison!!
  • “Ark now ere,
    the Charlton sing....”

    Except they didn’t. And neither did Palace. 

    Was chanting at football not a thing in 1974?
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  • Check out Malcom Allison's shirt!
  • What a shirt from Malcolm Allison!!
    Really interesting listening to his views.
  • Love that Man City kit.
  • Proper pitches!
    Proper Policing to. Half an hour in the back of the meatwagon outside the station then sent on our way with a fuck off home.
  • Love that pitch. Without remembering the result, I thought we were going to nick an equaliser.
  • Another cracking kit from Luton and good to see the original stand before they built those crappy looking exec boxes
  • Just saw a bit of the Luton game, the keeper actually dived and caught the ball going into the top corner, without gloves as well. Don’t see that much these days, just pushing it away.
  • I always think of Subbuteo when I see these kits
  • Palace had narrowed their pitch as we played with wingers. 
  • Is the palarse keeper Jay from the inbetweeners’ dad?
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  • I remember the Palace keeper Tony Burns playing a few games for Charlton. I think it was him who had the extraordinary throw, well into the oppositions half, accurate too.
  • I don't know about Burns, but John Dunn used to throw the ball to the half way line.
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