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Bury:Bringing football back

A documentary released today on BBC iPlayer

Contains strong language.

When Bury FC collapsed last August 2019, a group of locals made it their mission to bring football back to their town - against massive odds. Bury FC was one of the oldest clubs in English football. It had been at the heart of the local community for more than 130 years. When it was expelled from the English Football League, it hit the town hard. A group of fans decided to do something. They launched a new club - a team ‘by the fans, for the fans’. BBC Three followed Chris Murray and his friends for 12 months, getting amazing behind-the-scenes access to the birth of a new football club and seeing what it really takes to make dreams a reality.


  • Very good luck to Bury.
  • It is a very good documentary, interesting the divided supporter base, one lot backing the phoenix club, the other lot waiting for the resurrection of the original club.
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