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Re the now closed ownership shenanigans thread

"Plaffe" is a slang term for "shoot". More in the sense or spraying bullets around than the precise approach of a sniper.What you might do at a fairground perhaps.

So "Plaffeministeren" would suggest that if he does sign and you ever get let back in to the Valley someone had better duck


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    Thanks HugoZHackemdown.

    I was asking on here a few days ago, the meaning of 'plaffe'.

    Best I could come up with was 'hotshot'. 
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    Allan Simonsen was shot by a sniper in the 1977 film Skytten (The marksman). in the middle of an international in Parken (in the penalty area I seem to remember). That was definitely a sniper job and  not just the result of "plaffe".

    Ironically ITV showed that film during the short period where he was a Charlton player
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    Ironically, Crystal Palace's 'star' player has been shot 19 times in the opposing penalty area over the past three years.
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