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Valley Pass for Doncaster game using CAFC cash

Is this possible? I cannot find any link anywhere. 
Also I note reading the CAFC site it says full season ticket holders can purchase the stream using CAFC cash. 
However I have not renewed this year but still have CAFC cash from last year. 

Any help please


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    Spoke to ticket office. They haven't put the link up yet to make this available but expect to do this afternoon. 
    The reason connected with them selling tickets for todays game, incidentally of which there are still about 100 left. 
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    Thanks redman
    Fingers crossed
    I've been asking various cafc email addresses the same question for the last couple days without response
    Phones not answered obvs
    Not gonna be sending any of these crooks, scumbags, flybynights or muppets any money at all until we're sure the club is in clean, safe responsible hands.  MM might be a nice bloke but based on what he made available to LK at the hearings he's clueless to the point of uselessness where CAFC's health is concerned.
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    I'm not sure whether it was my phone call but Charlton have now reacted. 
    Available in a small window from 4pm to 9am Saturday morning
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    Looks like they have changed the time to 6pm 
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