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Players marks - ESI1 v ESI2

Paul Chaisty QC 5/10
Came out of the blocks quick.
Plenty of tricks and turns early on without much penetration. Didn't seem to have any answers for the opposition's fairly resolute defence and slowly ran out of ideas. Also had some worrying communication issues with his teammates.
 Turned to petulance in the second half but this had little effect. Took a fair amount of stick from the home crowd. An off day

Barrister Lauren Kreamer 9/10
A fine display from this resolute performer despite some of her teammates being well off the pace. Started slowly but as the game went on she started to shine. The opposition's attempts to shut her down and knock her off course were quickly rendered impunitive by this class act of a performer. 
Took her victory with grace and this win will play a big part in her sides season.

Judge Richard Pearce 10/10
Many judges get a hard time these days, but none from me for this seasoned pro. Measured and let the game flow, giving both sides plenty of minutes on the ball. He stood strong for the duration and made the right decisions at the right time. Managed to shut out some considerable crowd disruption and his conclusion will love long in Charlton Athletic folk law. Sublime

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