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Threads Loading to Wrong Pages

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Something odd is going on, whenever I open a recent thread on CL it takes me to the last post on the last page (instead of the op). I've spoken to a couple of others and they've been having the same issue.
Any ideas? Thanks 


  • @PopIcon These kinds of issues are usually related to cookies... Try clearing your browser cookies and cache and see whether that makes a difference.
  • Cookies and cache cleared, still doing it. I contacted Stig about it just before I posted this, he was having a similar same issue. 
  • What browser are you using?
  • Been happening to me for a while too. Chrome on android. 
  • Same here.

    Just tried to click on the ‘AIBU- ex wives & money’ thread and got taken to Pornhub.
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    Have had experience of this issue around this time last year funnily enough:

    I do not get it anymore, and couldn't tell you what I did to rectify that.

  • Been going on with some posters for sometime Poplcon.....bad luck mate.
  • Maguire should never have been included in the squad in the first place.
  • LoOkOuT said:
    What browser are you using?
    Just started happening me with Chrome on Android in the last few days too.
  • OK. looks like Chrome for Android is implicated. At this point, all I can say is try another browser... it's likely a javascript issue that will get resolved on the Chrome end in an update, or work itself out in the wash.
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