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Cover to Cover: Buffalo Springfield v Public Enemy

Two versions of the same song.

Listen to both without prejudice and say which you prefer

The 1967 Buffalo Springfield original sung by the funky Stephen Stills v the 1988 cover "He Got Game" by Public Enemy featuring Stephen Stills


  • Buffalo Springfield 
  • Was never a big fan of the original ... but I do like the Public Enemy version. 
  • have to say i'm a bit torn with this one. always liked the original but Public Enemy is pretty good an all. 

    guess Buffalo Springfield just edges it as i used it as part of a video i did some time back. 
  • Buffalo Springfield 
  • Buffalo Springfield for me.
  • Public Enemy for me, though I like both
  • Buffalo Springfield.
  • Both excellent.
  • Buffalo Springfield.

    Even if another version was better the immediacy of the original, if you are of a certain age and frame of mind, spoke volumes about the world then and couldn’t be surpassed. If, however, you’re younger and it’s repurposed to a new age and sensibility I can see it is a song that could resonate again with a new generation.
  • Buffalo Springfield for me.
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  • Yeah, Boya.
  • Had not heard the Public Enemy one before but really enjoyed it, but think the original just shades it for me. 
    Just something about the tone of the voice lifts  it up for me.  
  • Public Enemy for me but then I do have them to thank for my love of hip hop. Hearing them in ‘88 opened up a new musical world for me.
  • Both of their own times of course, but fuck them Buffalo Springfield dudes were cool!
  • Public enemy for me , both great ,I have the public enemy vinyl but would like the other to play together although mrs spitfire has me on a vinyl ban at the mo due to a lockdown eBay spending spree
  • Expected to say Public Enemy, but it’s Buffalo Springfield 
  • Buffalo Springfield but both versions are unique and have something to say.
  • Dont fuck with a classic
  • Never heard the original before,but just love the Public Enemy version.
  • Public Enemy for me
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  • Both were alright, but Buffalo Springfield commanded my attention all the way through. With the Public Enemy, I was more interested in the trampobasketjugglers and the music faded into the background.
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