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Peter Green RIP

Founder member of Fleetwood Mac and one of, if not the, best British blues guitarists.


  • Aww man.  This 1 has really upset me
  • Lost so many years to drug induced mental illness. Great guitarist and songwriter. RIP
  • Brilliant guitarist.
    Saw him with his splinter group several years ago. 
    Top man
  • Wow.
    One of the best ever.
    Very sad.
  • RIP. Superb musician.
  • RIP Peter.

    I think the greatest British blues guitarist.

  • RIP.
  • I liked his version of Fleetwood Mac than what came after. Shame (his passing)but he left us with more than most could. A true talent. 
  • Brilliant guitarist.
    Saw him with his splinter group several years ago. 
    Top man
    I think he led a reclusive life in recent years.
    I actually met a bloke who had played in Green's group a couple of years ago and he said Green was brilliant but became more and more unreliable.
    He said sadly it became difficult and he had to leave the band.

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  • Gutted. Saw Peter Green's Splinter a few times, including with Cozy Powell on drums at TW.

    Blues for Greeny by the late Gary Moore was a fantastic album.

  • Shall I tell you about my life,
    they say I’m a man of the world. 
  • First saw him playing years ago with John Mayall in (of all places) Margate .. superb musician and composer .. as said above, went on a drug trip years ago and alas, never came back ... R I P 
  • Very sad.  RIP.  Weird was reading his wikipedia page only last night.
  • Loved the music of the original Fleetwood Mac. RIP
  • 1st Album I ever bought was The Pious Bird of Good Omen. Loved the early Fleetwood Mac stuff but stopped listening after he left as it seemed soulless.

    RIP one of the greats.
  • Fabulous guitarist. Very sad. Loved The End of the Game. RIP
  • RIP - he was younger than I thought.   
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  • When living in Richmond in the late 80s there was a quite well dressed street dweller my wife and I used to see, we joked that you get a better class of tramp in Richmond.

    Didn’t realise until we saw a Fleetwood Mac documentary on tv that it was indeed Pete Green.

    RIP you genius.
  • I much preferred Fleetwood Mac during their Blues era. One of my favourite tracks is ‘Man of the World’ sung by, of course, Peter Green. RIP, a true British Blues Legend
  • One of my absolute guitar hero`s. I tried to replicate his sound on a Gibson Les Paul, but i couldn`t get his feeling. BB King used to say he made him sweat. I will miss him.
  • Aw shit. Best of the best guitarists.
  • Unique sound, great guitarist, only saw him once at Lewisham Town Hall. Did a design for  a music magazine,that folded this week, did not get the job
  • Loved that Fleetwood band, been playing Gary Moore in the car and the track 'Need your love so bad' reminds me so much of Peter Green.   Also could vary the format with Green Manalishi, Oh Well, Albatross and Man of the world.  Great player.

    RIP Peter. 
  • Absolute legend

  • Goodbye to another of my musical heroes. RIP
  • Very influential guitarist. I didn't know he also played harmonica until reading about him today.

  • One of the greats an inspiration to us all. Such a unique sound, particular faves Shake Your Moneymaker, Oh Well
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