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  • Prefer steam trains.
  • been on a couple of the single deckers .. very sleek and efficient .. problem is the seats are too hard and on a Donny/London run it's a bit hard on the 'arris
  • How tall is it? (Tunnels and bridges!)
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    Not a mask in sight. Shameful
  • The Millwall fans are gonna have a field day when they see this!  :D
  • No one will see it for quite a while. It's still in production and sncf France has them on order.
  • She's a beauty.
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    Footy on in a bar on the train?! 

    "Why the fudge are you home so late and pissed, you twunt?"

    "Shorree luv, I wuz *hic* on dur train home and we got scccchtuck at lewishhum cos of a pointsssh failyur"
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    I like the help yourself to any bag concept.
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  • The Millwall fans are gonna have a wank when they see this!  :D

  • I still prefer the Class 375/6 currently in use by Southeastern.

  • Get me some tissues
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