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**** CL Trip to Normandy - NEW DATES - FOR 2021 ****

After consulting with Clive we have rearranged the trip to Normandy for the dates of Friday 16th July to Sunday 18th July 2021.

If however these dates are unsuitable for anyone then please let me know, private message please, and I will arrange for any monies paid to date to be refunded. Please don't worry about letting the side down as I have a reserve list and conversely apologies if you can't make these dates.

Please see your private messages for further details.


  • But that's when the new super-duper virus is due!  ;)
  • Great news.  I emailed Bayeuex Campanile last night to book a room (quoting my credit note number) and they have confirmed my room.  
  • please see your inbox all.
  • When it comes to D-Day the Germans don't have any clue. ;)
    Can you send me that update, as well, Neal? Please.
  • Will do MG.
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