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Caption competition


  • More than one Donkey in this picture 
  • You are a feckin greedy ass. 
    Now give me more of that cash from your bag. 
  • "With all the money I got from Charlton, I can afford to sit on my ass"
  • Gee...£1 for a person,I could buy a whole football club for that...
  • Don't be so greedy and bite the hand that feeds you. 
  • What do you mean you want me to leave, I've paid my one pound I own your ass!
  • From driving a white Range Rover to riding a white donkey. 
  • “No Matt these ain’t carrots , £uck off you Lying ***t”
  • Those lips remind me...
  • Bet if you saw my car you'd turn and lift your tail
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  • Matt Southall meets Supa Dupa signing Matt Smith.
  • He's not the front end of a donkey. He's not the back end of a donkey. So in other words, he's no end of an ass.
  • Me ass, you ass hole.
  • £1 per person?  - That Sign should say £1 per football club 
  • Right you little cnut, I bought you for a quid...  where's the fucking goodies
  • Won't be the last time he sees a horses head 🤣🤣🤣
  • liar feeds animal
  • "Here you go little pony, you just get stuck in to this lovely food.

    All finished? Ah, there's a good boy. You now owe me £15,000 in consultancy fees."
  • This man may be wearing a jacket with no sleeves but he’s not ‘armless.
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  • “Oh Mr Donkey, how ironic is this. It’s usually me accepting things out of brown paper bags”.
  • Why the long face?
    You can shut it, mouthall.
  • Trying to work out where I've seen that profile before

  • ‘What an ass’ said the donkey.
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