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FOR SALE - Face Masks

Anybody interested in Charlton Facemasks, Inam selling at £7, they are a very good quality


  • I'd be interested, can you post?
  • I have massaged Ali as I really do think this is a issue, nobody looks on here, I am not trying to make a killing just think they are a nice thing in the current climate and relevant.
  • Ali  they are all one size, it is £7 including postage, 12cm top to bottom,17cm side to side including area to go over the ears.
  • OK, off to find my tape measure :)
  • Im looking on here how do i buy one od these NSS
  • I’m just here as curious about the distance between @aliwibble ears
  • clb74 said:
    Im looking on here how do i buy one od these NSS
    Messaged you mate

  • I would have 2.
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  • Two please mate 
  • Can i have 2 please Steve
  • I’ll buy one please Steve. 
  • Fumbluff said:
    I’m just here as curious about the distance between @aliwibble ears
    It's not so much for me as my Dad - he's got a big head and big ears, so there's a danger the straps will push them forward and he'll end up looking like Dumbo :)
  • I can't see where to order these. Is there a link?

  • I have dm'd you all

  • Pm me your address Steve as I live near you and I'll come and pick one up.
  • @northstandsteve Hi, I am also interested in 2 if you can send details pls?
  • edited July 1
    Hi Steve, would you be able to knock me up one with CAFC just below the sword?
    Maybe put the sword slightly higher so it can fit in proportionally?
  • Steve, got your message, will pay tomorrow 
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  • found in activity

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    Hi Steve
    I would like to but two. How do I go about this? Cheers Danny
  • @northstandsteve
    paid and messaged you
  • Picked my face mask up today. 
    Very good 👍
  • can they be re-used? as in washed @northstandsteve
  • can they be re-used? as in washed @northstandsteve
    Yes they can
  • Can I buy one too please Steve?
  • Order placed
  • i'll have a couple please if they are still available Steve? 

    though i'm not sure how the payment will go through as i don't have internet banking. 
  • Two for me please Steve.  Please let me know how to pay.
  • edited July 3
    Ordered yesterday arrived today.
    Nice, well made quality product.
    Very pleased.
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