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  • Dillion has made me eat my words, I was really not convinced with him coming into the season but he has improved massively. 

    Felt the same a couple of years ago. Had no concerns after his performances last season. 
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    Good shot stopper, still think he needs to work on his distribution, and what he's like when he's not constantly making saves in a poor side, and needing to make one or two big saves in a good team
  • A bold statement from Pratley. Can't deny Phillips has done extremely well but i'd have the likes of Freddie Woodman and David Raya ahead of him, and both are younger than Dillon.
  • Poty for me.
    A quality keeper who is improving all the time 
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    I always remember discussing with @seth plum at under 23 matches how the club appeared to be unsure about him.

    Always seemed to prefer other goalies like Beaney and Mitov, but Dillon would never ever let us down. Left us scratching our head, but then again what do we know about football. 

    Absolutely delighted for him. Great personality eg the Twist and Shout rendition, unbelievable character to make that world class save from Leadbitter at Wembley after THAT calamity and I recall reading a few years ago that he had already set up a goalkeeping school, so an eye for the future too. 

    Well done Dillon. Truly Charlton's number one and forever one of our own. 
    Yes we had a few chats about him. At the 'lower' levels I/we saw him make a few penalty saves as well. He will let a lot of penalties in, but he is unafraid of them if you know what I mean.
    Against Doncaster he put the hex on them at the shoot out, and who can deny the genius of his 'don't miss, don't miss' comments which we also saw in all it's glory when that bloke was through on an open goal earlier this season at Loftus  Road.
    Well no goal is open when Dillon is there, unless you're Naby Sarr.
    Another enigmatic feature is how nondescript he appears to be, not solely constructed of limbs like Nick Pope, or massively tall, or hefty.
    As a youngster coming through he was also enigmatic in as much as he was never eye catching, but always had something about him.
    Bit of a gem is Dillon.

    NB The Birmingham keeper is the best performance we've seen at the Valley this season.
  • Great keeper, improving all the time and excellent character.. need to keep hold of Dills and it will be tough.

    My 7year old son loves him too.  At the weekend when we were playing QPR he was asking all about Dills, then after a while he said " Why is Taylor not playing", I mumbled something about him having left and he wouldn't see him again thinking he would be distraught and he just said "ok, he gave too many fouls away anyway so we are better without him".

    Far cleverer than me at that age (and even now I think!)
  • We have been incredibly lucky with keepers at Charlton. At least in my 35 years of going there have been buckets and buckets of great keepers, oddly a large proportion have had poor distribution. 
  • Credit due, I think, to goalkeeping coach Andy Marshall. 
    I met and spoke with him at the end of 2018 and was impressed with what he had to say.
    Good luck to Dillon. May he continue to improve.

    From the CAFC website, dated 27th June 2018:

    Marshall said: “I’ve joined a young, dynamic coaching outfit. A young, dynamic team. I’ve already had a chat with Lee (Bowyer) and a chat with Jacko about what they want from the goalkeepers, what they want from myself and I’m looking forward to getting started and working with the boys."

    Addicks caretaker boss Lee Bowyer added: "I rang an old friend of mine, Shay Given, and asked if he knew of anyone and he recommended Andy Marshall. I knew Andy from my England days in the U18s and U21s. I played with him then so he came in and I met with him a couple of times. He’s very good. He was goalie coach to Shay Given at Aston Villa. He’s a good lad and he’s going to be passing on good knowledge to the keepers that we have." 

  • I heard Marshall speak at a Bromley event.  A fantastic speaker and I warmed to him immensely.  He is a credit to the club and with Bowyer, Gallen, JJ and him we have 4 fabulous, young coaches.  I think he is the only one not signed up past the summer and I really think his is a priority contract to sort for the club .
  • Had the pleasure of seeing him make his Charlton debut at Bristol Rovers. One of those which I was worried that he would never get a chance and would go on to make a career elsewhere. 

    Phillip is a good goalkeeper, but WBA Sam Johnstone is best for me in this division by a county mile. Jack Butland on his day is probably a close number 2.
  • Hope we can get Dillion signed up on a new deal, he just keeps working harder and improving.
  • Has Marshall signed a contract or is he off, thought I’d read he was the only one of the management team not signed up
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    That game last night should have earned him a new deal IMO. He's been fantastic all season, but last night highlighted just how good he can be. 

    Finger tips pushed the ball back out, beyond a rushing in attacker. 

    Then he came out and gave the Cardiff attack a huge fisting at risk to himself. 

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