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Caption competition - New owner special



  • Bowyer: So what time should I expect the next new owner?
  • You see the centre of the badge on the wall, this is what we will stick up your jacksie if you turn out to be another knobhead
  • I can smell the Bullshit from here!
  • Elliott: "Football manager?? They told me you were the site manager and we could get cracking with the flats!"
  • I can't wait to see the Keohane Memorial Trench.
  • Elliott “can I come and watch Saturday “

    Bows “most men can do just one thing at a time”
  • "Lee, I know what you're thinking. It's always the first question I get asked - no matter what the situation. Paul, why aren't you wearing any trousers?"
  • 2 meters mate,no Manchester 200 miles north.
  • Elliott: "I've got this terrible cough and am feeling a bit hot, lets hope I haven't passed anything on to the squad"
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  • Elliott: "Lovely to meet you Gary Bowyer"
  • Fuck off back inside and get me a sausage and egg McMuffin before I put your windows through 
  • Not bad for a £1........
  • Oi Paul, I didn't recognise your photographer without their range rover and bitches. 
  • Not a caption,... but the body language between the two is atrocious. 
  • “Question 1 poppet: Do you wish you could fly?”
  • LB “owners usually use the revolving door at the side which was once reserved for the managers”
  • Elliot, Do you know where Varney and Barclay is, grounds man?
  • Please go to Birmingham City Lee, I can get a cut of the compensation.
  • Bows  : " So that's why they're calling you knobhead !"

    ( Clue's in the photo )
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  • Are you the supa dupa signing? 
  • Trust me I don't want to be here either, it wasn't my idea. 
  • No mate,the LB on me shirt & shorts doesn’t mean that I play at left back
  • Elliot - Now..... I can get you a great deal on replacing those double glazed units , as long as you order them this afternoon , to qualify for for the extra discount, with cash upfront.
  • I’ve managed to get you that new singing you wanted Lee. You said you wanted a centre half that was quicker than Jason Pearce, so I got you that yellow thing behind you In front of the window. 
  • Lee Bowyer thinking "You own jack shit mate"
  • Bowyer "so you don't have a spare £50M plus, but you'll be able to sort out a great deal on the coach travel to our away games"
  • Elliot: Hi Lee.. Just thought I'd come and say goodbye... 
  • Elliot: Do we need to agree a budget for 11 brooms so that the players can keep socially distanced during the game at Hull?
    Lee: No, we are playing wing backs with no sweeper.
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