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Welcome to the Charlton Life Marketplace - PLEASE READ

edited May 26 in Social Groups

Hi all,

The objective of this sub-forum is fourfold:
  1. A place for users to advertise their business or service to attract interest from other Lifers
  2. A place for people to request a recommendation on a roofer, IFO, gardener etc
  3. A place for people to sell anything that might be relevant to this audience
  4. A place for people to put ‘looking to buy...’ enquiries
As the Marketplace is currently in its early stages, the rules are still a bit of a work in progress, but we do ask you to
  • Please only seek to advertise your own / partners business or service.  It’s introduced as a bit of free advertising for Lifers, we don’t want this being a free for all for kids, cousins, mates etc
  • Please don’t flood it with things to sell, any old toot etc. Think of the audience. We suspect that things like football memorabilia, IT equipment etc probably most appropriate. If in doubt, check with one of the mods first.
  • Please don’t post telephone numbers
  • Selling of illegal/counterfeit/hooky products is strictly forbidden, you’ll be banned from here and likely having your details provided to authorities 
  • CL as a platform accepts no responsibility in any form of dispute, though will likely take a low opinion of any form of disappointment which may then lead to your removal from the site

We hope this will be a positive addition to the site and ultimately a benefit to our users, so please help embrace it in the spirit intended. 

Thanks all


  • To help make navigating the Marketplace a little easier, we have created two directory posts to which users can add the details of the trade or service that they provide. Please use them rather than making a separate post.
    The first comment in each post includes the type of information it would be helpful to put in your listing.
    We would ask users who are looking for a tradesperson or service provider to check these DIRECTORY posts first, as this will help direct business to fellow Lifers and help keep the number of posts manageable . If you are unable to find what you need, please ask for recommendations in a new post whose title begins RECS WANTED (eg "RECS WANTED - Forensic Accountant in SE London").
    If you have a specific item or set of items you wish to sell, please create a FOR SALE post (eg FOR SALE - Football Club (several careless owners) ). It would be helpful to include prices, sizes, postage costs and numbers available (if you have limited stocks) in the body of the post. Similarly, the title of posts for auction items should begin AUCTION and include the auction end date and time (eg AUCTION - Lyle Taylor - ends 11pm 31/01/2020)
    Finally, if you're looking to buy a certain item, but don't know the best type or best place to source it, or know what you want but would like to give your business to a fellow Lifer if you can, please make an ITEM WANTED post (eg ITEM WANTED - 20 goal a season striker).
    We may need to tweak these categories at some point, and will update this guide when we do.
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