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****Charlton Life Marketplace (Please Read)******

Hi all,

We’ve not embraced sale of items or the offering of services (stop it Mehmet!) in the past as we’ve always felt it would potentially open up a can of worms.

However, given the impact of Covid-19, and the difficulty many will have coming out of it, it feels like a time where if we can help out the members of our community, then we should embrace that.

So we’ve created a new group off the main forum called Charlton Life Marketplace. It will act in the same way that the House of Commoners Politics sub-forum works.

The link to join is here:

The objective of this sub-forum is fourfold:

  1. A place for users to advertise their business or service to attract interest from other Lifers
  2. A place for people to request a recommendation on a roofer, IFO, gardener etc
  3. A place for people to sell anything that might be relevant to this audience
  4. A place for people to put ‘looking to buy...’ enquiries

The rules we will no doubt make up as we go along. A couple of things from the off we do ask for:

  • Please only seek to advertise your own / partners business or service.  It’s introduced as a bit of free advertising for Lifers, we don’t want this being a free for all for kids, cousins, mates etc
  • Please don’t flood it with things to sell, any old toot etc. Think of the audience. We suspect that things like football memorabilia, IT equipment etc probably most appropriate 
  • Please don’t post telephone numbers
  • Selling of illegal/counterfeit/hooky products is strictly forbidden, you’ll be banned from here and likely having your details provided to authorities 
  • CL as a platform accepts no responsibility in any form of dispute, though will likely take a low opinion of any form of disappointment which may then lead to your removal from the site

We hope this will be a positive addition to the site and ultimately a benefit to our users, so please help embrace it in the spirit intended. 

Thanks all

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