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Thread with the most unread posts on the first page (and how many)

I’m showing 8.1K for Coronavirus with the Bonkers Shenanigans on a mere 6.4K. Most others are very low. What about you?


  • New word game - 2.1k
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    New word game - 16.8k
  • New Word Game - 7.2k
  • This one. 

    Oh.  Bugger. 
  • Jokes - 3766
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    New word game, 16.9k

    Edit; naturally intrigued, went to the last page. Now at 0. Frankly wish it was still 16.9k
  • New word game 7.8k 
  • New word game 2k 
  • Latest Films 6.3k
  • Shenanigans - 9.4k
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    Latest Films 6.4k
  • edited May 25
    This morning I had 6.9k unread posts on the Shenanigans thread. I was convinced something must have happened so I clicked it. Really wish I hadn’t.
  • Savings and investments 2.2K
  • Shenanigans - 9.4k
    That's two new owners, an EFL points deduction and reinstatement after appeal.
  • 3.3k on twitters, and 4.3k on latest films.
    Lots of others over 1k.
  • New word game 16.9K
  • Just checked the front page:

    Bonkers Shenanigans  ..... 849 (I must have clicked on it by accident yesterday).

    Latest Films ............4.4k
    Twitter thread ........ 6.8k
    New Word Game ....16.9k

    Please Read Moderating Changes ....... 0
    (for once, I did as I was told)

  • Coronavirus 10.4k

    New Word Game 2.2k

    Photos 2.1k 
  • Twitter 6.2k
  • savings savings and investments 77.5k
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  • ESI have bought Charlton thread. 17k posts unread

    Last read that he was doing an interview with Ollie and seeing the Upbeats and have a good feeling about them so looking forward to seeing how they get on after this whole Covid kerfuffle blows over.

    Feeling positive about them.
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