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Amazon Marketplace - probable scam

I ordered 2 sets of face masks from different suppliers via Amazon on 9 April. I was advised that they were due by 18 May.  I checked the orders on the Amazon website and they both say there is a delay and that after 18th May I can request a refund.

This morning I received an email supposedly from Amazon, telling me that they cannot confirm dispatch from the seller and that my card hasn't been debited, also to click on a link to contact the seller. I haven't clicked the link as I think this may be a bogus email, as they addressed me by my email address, rather than my name and the website they quote is http not https.  I have deleted the email.

Hope this may warn others of a possible scam.


  • I went back into the order and have requested a refund. I've had confirmation from Amazon that they will be making a refund as the seller has cancelled the order.
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