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  • 3/10 Beaten well before the bell.
  • 6/10
  • 9/10

    Question 7 let me down.
  • Well done.
  • Well done.

    It's my main sport and the one I love more than any other - individual or team.
  • 8/10, no clue on Deakin and the 49 wins was a 50/50! 
  • 9/10
    got question 9 wrong, over thinking it done me in.
  • 7/10 but kicking myself about a couple
  • 7 out of ten 

    Remember the Golota fight for Golota quitting but don't remember Tyson testing positive for weed
    Sugar ray Robinson is not a fighter I can pretend to know much about and I pressed the wrong one for the amount of fights fury has had
  • 5/10 - including a couple of guesses
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  • 4/10 with quite a few guesses.
  • 6/10
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    8/10, no clue on Deakin and the 49 wins was a 50/50! 
    I saw him get his second ever win at York Hall, with a camera crew following him around. Was the most clearly fixed sporting event I've ever seen.
  • 9/10 got Ali question wrong 
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