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Stirling Moss RIP

Has died aged 90   RIP


  • Probably the greatest driver never to win the world championship. RIP fella.
  • Gutted by this - a true great of the sport and despite no world title generally thought of by his peers as one of the best ever 
  • Oh thats very sad... Bit like Muhammed Ali with Boxing etc. his was the Sports name you'd associate with Formula One

    Strange fact but his name was used for one of the Forms in my School Year

    Our year had Sporting Legends, Beaumont and Peters (that was mine after Mary Peters) were two of the others, cant remember anymore

    RIP Sterling
  • RIP.  
  • edited April 2020
    Use to live up near Shepherd Market, just behind the Park Lane Hilton.

  • RIP someone who can genuinely be called a legend.
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  • Great driver. RIP
  • “Oh here we go, got another Stirling Moss coming up behind us....”
    A name synonymous with speed.
    RIP Stirling.
  • Gutted. He retired from public life a couple of years ago due to his health so not a huge shock.

    I was lucky enough to meet him a few times, he was such a nice guy. My old man was a massive fan and the picture he got him to sign had pride of place in his study. It was funny seeing him like a star struck kid when we met him.
  • I imagine the last thing Sir Stirling Moss would have wanted would be to rest in peace. So I'm going to wish that he rests in noise, petrol fumes and adrenalin. 

    He was the best of us. 
  • RIP.
    He once introduced Jethroe Tull at the Rainbow  Finsbury Park at a concert I attended

  • RIP Sterling
  • RIP

    Not my sport but everyone knew who he was.

    Always came over as a genuine guy in interviews.
  • RIP

    Not my sport but everyone knew who he was.

    Always came over as a genuine guy in interviews.
  • Talked to him a few times at Brands in my youth. Unfortunately he did'nt have the car to win a world title but a great driver.
    RIP Sterling
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  • RIP, a true great.
  • RIP to a legend. 
  • Sterling Moss would've been World Champ in later years but the points and places in his era stopped him having that accolade.
    Runner up 4 times, he retired at 32 after a crash from F1 but carried on driving in the historic meetings until he was 81.

    A  bon vivant who had no equals in life style in  British drivers other than James Hunt in later years. Graham Hill went close !

    Moss is survived by his third wife Susie and two children. “He died as he lived, looking wonderful,” said Lady Moss.

    He had a fantastic life and accepted that fate and Fangio stopped him being a world champ.

    RIP Sterling Moss.
  • RIP. He was a great racer. An old school one.
  • Yes the name those of us 'of a certain age' think of first when Motor Racing is mentioned.

    RIP Stirling
  • One of the greats.
  • RIP.
  • RIP to one of the great British sportsmen.
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