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An Apology To Olly Groome & The Comms Team

As you now know, Seb Lewis sadly passed away yesterday. The OS will announce this & write a tribute to Seb, something they can do far better than me.

I announced the sad event on a small message board run by the guy who pays the fees for Doctor Kish. He is based in Canada, as are one or two others, and one of the main contributors lives in Queensland. Due to the various time zones I thought I would inform the guys of the sad news via Charlton Chat. I'm not the sharpest IT pencil in the box & honestly thought that the site could only be viewed by members. As I regard them all as good friends, I thought this was a good way to convey the sad news.

I now realise that the board can be accessed by the public, so the news is now out there. It was never my intention to go public before the OS, I would have published it on Doctor Kish if it was.

I can only apologise to Olly & the comms team for my error - sorry guys.


  • Such sad news about our fans legend and you have nothing to apologise about
  • Ketts, it was an honest mistake made in the spirit of friendship. Don't beat yourself up about it.
  • No need to apologise.

    Absolutely horrendous news. 
  • No apology needed whatsoever.
  • No apology needed.

  • Seconded 
  • No apology needed
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  • edited March 26
    When it's one of our own it realy brings home how serious this is now
    For the 1st time went out today with gloves and mask today because of this devastating news
    Doesnt matter where we read this shocking news 1st it doesn't make it any less devastating 
    No harm was meant just stay safe everyone
  • Such a terrible shock for many Charlton fans. Stay home, stay safe people.
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