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Xbox CL FIFA League proposal.

Looking at the possibility of setting up a Charlton Life Xbox FIFA league. I can't play it for toffee but my son reckons he is pretty decent so would represent Muttley FC. I understand that all is needed to set this up is your xbox name and a commitment to complete your fixtures and matches no matter how are you doing. I would have a list of teams and set up fixtures with a deadline as to when they should be completed by. Scores would be notified to me and I will publish a table as well as the next stage of fixtures when  the first round is completed.

The rules would be that you can be represented by any member in isolation in your household and multiple members can have a team. if anybody wants to take part in this, message me with your X box name and Team name. If there is enough interest I will set it up and produce some rules. I will only pass on your xbox name to your opponent. Anyway, if anybody has an Xbox and is up for this message me and I'll see if it is viable.  You would be able to be any team that you want and matches would be played on online friendlies mode rather than ultimate team to increase fairness.

Anyway, let me know and I will set it up. It will give us something to do. I could even introduce a cup competition too. I think we should look at a minimum number of 8 but the more the merrier.



  • Count me in. 
  • Ok, nice one - I will get in touch when we have sufficient teams.  
  • Shame there is no cross platform ability else I'd join from my PC
  • Junior welsh addick Is in if it goes ahead. 
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    Ok, so three so far. We could probably go with 6 so come on. Three more. 8 would be better though.
  • I'm up for this 
  • ok, we are on four now - getting there.
  • My last console was a play station (the original one) and I have just got an xbox to try and kill the boredom of the coming weeks/months.
    i am proper shit at FIFA and am depressed enough so I’m out.
  • Count me in!
  • Am I the only one with a PS4?
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  • Ok, 5 teams now. I'll give until mid day tomorrow for some more then will sort out fixtures.
  • Reminder, team entries end at mid day today.
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    Only have a PS4 and I am terrible, genuinely Joe Ledley, Aiden McGeady level awful, but would happily be whipping boy in a PS4 league if someone set one up.
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    Hopefully if we can get the x box one going it will pave the way. We are all going to be stuck at home for a while. It is harder for younger people. Watching TV isn't that unusual for my wife and me. My son is out clubbing/socialising more than every other night usually. Anything that introduces something a bit different can help relieve the boredom.
  • Half an hour to go - do we have any more entrants?
  • Ok. I will start a league which will consist of 8 games per team. Please send me your team names and I will then forward the fixtures (2 rounds initially then one after each round is completed). Each round of fixtures will need to be completed before the next round starts and I will update the table after every round.  When you see your opponent for the first round, get in touch to arrange the game and the winner should then notify me of the result.
  • Will do shortly 
  • FGR1CAFC1WBA1 that’s my sons xbox name 
  • Are we just doing this as friendly matches? In which case, which teams do we get to choose from? If this involves any kind of Ultimate Team stuff, then I will have to bow out cos I don't touch that! 
    Username: zzPHIPzz
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    No ultimate teams - you will be able to choose any team in online friendlies mode for fairness. They will be played on the xbox as friendly matches but the scores will be reflected in the league.
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  • Excellent. Call my team... KFC
  • Just getting details from 2 of the participants and I will then circulate rounds one and two of fixtures. 
  • James86 said:
    Am I the only one with a PS4?
    Nope. A proper games console.
  • I have a PS4 aswell
  • PS4 here too.
  • Do the PS4 users have FIFA19 or 20? 
  • I bought FIFA20 a few days ago, had serious football withdrawals. I’ve only played it a few times so far but make sure I beat Millwall with Charlton every day. Just for morale purposes in these troubled times.
  • Result: Muttley Jr 4 Ultimatum 1. I watched a bit of it and the game was a bit laggy but Jnr fluked a free-kick. He told me he never scores free kicks. Still all to play for. 
  • Muttley Jr good player , first time playing as Dortmund and the last 😂 
  • Ultimatum said:
    Muttley Jr good player , first time playing as Dortmund and the last 😂 
    If I come up against Liverpool again, I'm choosing Brazil! Or Liverpool. 
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