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  • He can count his winnings now

  • Loved a bit of Kenny. Had some great pub singsongs when his come on the Jukie

  • Loved a bit of Kenny. Had some great pub singsongs when his come on the Jukie


    Agreed. If ever I'm pissed enough to get on the karaoke Ruby or Coward of the County are likely to be songs I sing as part of my (limited) repertoire!

    RIP Kenny - you gave the world a lot of pleasure.
  • so sad, another singer from my youth has gone. Some great songs and a guy who had 'that' voice always recognisable. RIP are now at "your Island in the Sun".......thanks for the music.
  • Sad news. RIP. 
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  • What an icon, what a voice...

  • RIP, my grandad was always playing his records. Would have had him down as older than 81 though.
  • Obviously as youngster singers like Kenny were a bit naff and a joke. But as I've gotten older I've really come to appreciate true masters of their genre like him and appreciate how much pleasure they've given to so many over many decades. 

    Love a bit of Islands in the Stream now for example.

  • He was a terrific singer. Not always my cup of tea, but had a few hits that are unforgettable. RIP  
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    RIP Kenny. Concerts always good value for money, although the last time I had tickets to see you at the Albert Hall, some pillock phoned the police to say he had planted a bomb and we were all told to leave before Kenny came on the stage , turned out the bloke found out his wife was having an affair and was in the audience with her lover, believe he got a couple of years behind bars.     
  • I saw him in the late 90’s sitting by a pool in Palm Springs with two beautiful young ladies for company. 
  • RIP Kenny
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  • Noooooo I was only singing Kenny Rogers on karaoke last night (at home). What a real sad loss
  • Don't usually write on these and don't know much about Kenny but...

    1998, Coogie Bay Hotel, Sydney - I used to go in there every day for probably 6 months between July and Decembet and The Gambler was played just about every night on the Duke box.  

    As a 21 year old they were some of the times of my life, with no responsibilities, no worries and living by the beach and he was a part of that. 

    Danced to the tune many times and on the rare occasion I hear it now it takes me straight back there. Happy times.

    RIP Kenny.
  • Im not a Great c&w lover But this guy was exceptional. RIP. 
  • RIP Kenny Rogers 
  • One of my favorite country singers, warm velvet voice interpreting some great songs. RIP Kenny
  • the Gambler seems to be his most recognisable song .. my favourite is this protest song

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    My dad was Ken Rogers... RIP RIP. Responsible for dragging me to the Valley in 1967.
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