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Genesis P-Orridge has died aged 70

Maybe not a name many will remember nor his band Throbbing Gristle but h/er has dropped their body aged 70

When I lived in Broadway Market in the 70s/80s he lived round the corner. A house mate would often raid his dustbin for the records etc he'd been sent by fans and record companies but just threw away.


  • Had a very different approach to life RIP
  • Godstar by Physic TV is worth a listen.
  • I bought one of their albums once. It was pretty much unlistenable. 
  • I liked Throbbing Gristle, extremely influential band.
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    That's sad. Gonna have to lie down in a quiet room and listen to Dreams Less Sweet on headphones.

    The end of Genesis. RIP
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    Into TG in the late 70s / early 80s but had to stop listening during PTV days as my mental health took a downturn and it sent me to a very bad space.  I lived around the corner from him too and would occasionally bump into him in the local shop.

    I believe he was an influential and committed artist, but not to everyone's taste.

    RIP, if that's what you want Gen.
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