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Valiant 1000 update and request for info on some past players

Latest museum article in the programme.


  • Have you thought of dropping Scott Minto a line on Paul Bacon? Sure that group of players must have some contact? 
  • Good idea

  • John Arnold earned a living as a Marty Feldman impersonator after he finished playing. 
  • It is a fact that Little Johnny Harrison physically nutmegged ex-England centre half Larry Lloyd in a game against Coventry at The Valley (i.e. he ran the ball and then himself through the legs of the big defender). Even Lloyd laughed at that one...
  • Anybody got any info as to the later exploits or present whereabouts of any of these four. Paul Bacon, John Harrison, John Arnold or Alan Hart, please ?
  • Who knew Ashley Maynard-Brewer's surname began with an L?
  • Sorry, I can't help.  All I can do is muddy some waters a little bit on John Harrison. Cameron (1991) claims that he was born in New Eltham, whilst Hugman (1998) claims he was born in Stepney.
  • Thanks Stig. Stepney seems to be right.
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