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ESI Ownership shenanigans bite size thread - now dormant

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For those who missed the excitement last night, and don't fancy wading through 28 pages (and counting) of confusion, wibbling, cursing and gloom, here's a brief summary...
Tahnoon posted the following on his instagram:

There was the usual discussion debating whether it was a hack, with concerned/concerning tweets from Rich Cawley, Jimmy Stone, and @Airman Brown posted suggesting that it wasn't being instantly dismissed, as well as this one purporting to be a voice note from Nimer himself:
Rough transcript for those who don't have twitter or are hard of hearing:"Your Chairman had ripped the club with his team. I'm not happy to give my money to the people to rip this money. The club guys, and they take all the money for them, to live a nice bread (?), to get a range rovers and use the money for the bitches.(pitches?) You should ask Matt Southwell (sic). Guys, he cheat you. He take all the money which I put in the club and it has been gone for his lifestyle." This convinced some sceptics, but not @Gillis :smiley:
Gillis said:
If this is genuine, I'll get Nimer's face tattooed on Greenie Junior's arse.
Entertainingly, only three posts later, @ForeverAddickted linked to this tweet which said "I’ve had confirmation that Instagram post is ‘100% real’. This is going to get nasty." I think Greenie Junior may have to make sure he doesn't get drunk while Gillis is around any time soon, in case he wakes up in the tattooist's chair.


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