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Last week I visited a *Gentleman at the request of his daughter. The *Gentleman had always wanted to meet a German Shepherd, his wife who passed last year had a severe allergy to dogs so his contact with would have caused her problems. With funding from Charltonlife members I drove to a hospice with special permission to take Bailey into his room where we spent 5 minutes with him and his family chatting while they posed for a family photo with Bailey. It was emotionally the the most exhausting 5 minutes of my life but also the most worthwhile as I sat on the tailgate of my car hugging Bailey just to compose myself before the drive home.  Sadly l received an email this morning saying he had passed away earlier today, they will treasure their last family photo with Bailey and to thank you all for making it happen. 
RIP Sir.

*names withheld 


  • In pieces ready that 😢
  • Wow, incredible. Thank you for doing and sharing. 
  • (wish that dog could be renamed though!) 
  • se9addick said:
    (wish that dog could be renamed though!) 
    Named by my wife who wouldn’t let me choose a Charlton name (he’s legally her dog) he’s also shite at penalties. Although his KC name is Tramella Charles, as in Llewelyn Charles Curbishley 
  • A lovely story. 
  • Your contribution to this man's last few days will always be remembered by his family. I work in care homes as you know T.C.E and I know how sad it is when someone you meet and connect with passes away. Keep doing what you do so well mate. Bailey and the other dogs in the 'pack' are a credit to you. RIP to the Gentleman.
  • Ray, you truly are a great man.
    sending you a huge cwtch xx
  • Fantastic story. Would you be able to share funding details?

  • Young Bowyer visiting a Dementia care home last week. 

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  • I feel quite choked reading that .. please share the funding details 
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